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About me

Zealous self-taught transliterator and custom artist hater. Into Vocaloid since late 2008 or early 2009, can't recall precisely. Can enter berserk mode when detect a wrongly put tag, have a list of despised artists, Vocaloids/Utaus. Can't stand typos and making typos. Nice and fluffy in all other respects ^_^

From Russia. (*'β–½') Priviet

What I like:
β˜… Chocolate
β˜… Birds (πŸ₯x5)
β˜… To classify and beautify things, polish them 'till they are dazzling!!! ✨
β˜… To tinker with vocaloid
β˜… To sing. When nobody's around.


✩ Can write down/romanize JP, RU from any readable source (scans/photos of booklets, videos etc).
γ€€βœ¬ Check out my collection of translits!
  ❉ Feel free to borrow, but provide a link to song's vdb page, please.
 ❇ Help me with lyrics that are nowhere to be found! Right β†’here←

✩ Can translate EN↔RU and a VERY little bit JPβ†’EN & JPβ†’RU.
 ❂ If you see that I've mistranslated something, please tell me!


β˜… Piapro ← empty
β˜… Pixiv ← also empty
β˜… VnSharing ← R.I.P
β˜… VK ← authorized users only
β˜… Skype: kate_abr ← introduce yourself first, I'll block or report you if you don't πŸ‘Ώ
β˜… Telegram: ktbr_OvO
β˜… Hot red-eyed Gakupo by Hayashi Yukke

β˜† Daily song feed from VocaDB at VK.com! >> vk.com/vocadb
γ€€γ€€~~β€»100 followers! Great success!!~~
γ€€γ€€β€»200 followers!! ~🌟
γ€€γ€€β€»And a banner at the site menu!! (>Ο‰<)

Languages I know

  • ru русский - Russian (Native)
  • en English - English (Advanced)
  • ja ζ—₯本θͺž - Japanese (Intermediate)

Verified owner

Thumb harinezumi (Music producer)


Moscow, Russia

My favorite tags

ballad, pop, sad, rock, karaoke available, duet, good tuning, lyrics in PV

Some albums I like (61 total)

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  • Preview


  • Preview

    Wonderful World

  • Preview


  • Preview

    If the World2

  • Preview


  • Preview


Some songs I like (2203 total)

Cover γƒžγƒΌγƒ‘γ‚€γƒ‰γ‚ΉγƒˆγƒΌγƒͺγƒΌ
青田新名 feat. εˆιŸ³γƒŸγ‚―
Cover ε€γ„ζ˜ η”»
中洲ユウ feat. IA
Cover γŸγ„γ›γ€γͺこと
γ΅γ‚γ‚ŠP feat. various
Cover ε†₯γ€…
ηΎ½η”ŸγΎγ‚γ” feat. v flower
Cover コールドγ‚ͺγƒͺγ‚ͺン
テンツク feat. εˆιŸ³γƒŸγ‚―
Cover Crack Dog
CapsLack feat. εˆιŸ³γƒŸγ‚―

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