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About me

I am a Vocaloid, Utau and CeVIO fan, I wish to help VocaDB for the help they have given me with their awesome website.
I'm English, I live in Brittany, in France and I speak English and French, I'm part Welsh and Irish. My first name is Jake, I'm 21 and I want to be a film director and I love art films!
I love mochis, chocolate and caramel.
My favourite Vocaloids and Utaus are Len-kun, Fukase, Matsudappoiyo, Mizuki Zuiga, Katapa Ruto, Sekka Yufu, Tomone Mito, Nizimine Kakoi, Seewoo, Mayu, SeeU, Yuezheng Ling, Uni, Shimoka Saku, Yuezheng Longya and Kaito.
I want to promote and share producers, songs and Vocaloids, Utaus and CeVIOs that in my opinion aren't sufficiently known and Vocaloid songs (and Utau songs to a lesser extent) in languages that are too often ignored (like Chinese or Korean).
I want to connect you to your favourite Vocaloids/Utaus/CeVIO and your favourite genres! I'm here to try and help you! ^o^

(Future bass forever!! OwO )

Languages I know

  • en English - English (Native)
  • fr français - French (Native)

External links

Pixiv (Avatar)
Tumblr (nobody visits me here)
UtaiteDB (I use this when I must)


Near Rennes, Brittany, France

My favorite tags

dubstep, electro-house, electropop, sad, rock, EDM, 日本語, karaoke available

Some albums I like (7 total)

  • Preview

    Neon Pink

  • Preview

    平行四界 3

  • Preview

    Scintillate for a Moment presented by STERN

  • Preview

    Pass The Meteor

Some songs I like (3745 total)

Cover 一梦千寻
他城P feat. 章楚楚
Cover 病名は愛だった
奶油味儿的蘑菇w feat. 心華 日本語版 (Power), 洛天依 V4 日本語 (Normal)
Cover マインドボイス
samfree feat. IA
Cover マインドボイス
チョコラテP feat. 洛天依 V4 日本語版 (Unknown)
Cover Drowned Out
Mwk feat. 初音ミク V3 (English)
Cover 付和雷同
Osanzi feat. AZUKI

Some artists I follow (376 total)

Thumb 章楚楚
Zhang Chuchu
Thumb 心華 日本語版 (Natural)
Xin Hua Japanese (Natural), 心华 日本语版 (Natural), シンファ 日本語 (Natural)
Thumb 心華 日本語版 (Power)
Xin Hua Japanese (Power), 心华 日本语版 (Power), シンファ 日本語 (Power)
Thumb 沫島
Matsushima, Matsunohi, Awashima
Thumb ゴム
Gom, フェルナンドP, FernandoP
Thumb チョリスP
ChorusP, 使徒, shito

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