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About me

I listened to all VOCALOIDs singing but Hatsune Miku is still my #1 favorite.
I ran a blog about VOCALOID songs at a discontinued SNS (Miiverse): http://vocadb.net/L/7304
Currently I dream of a Miku concert in Germany or Russia. Both are fine, somewhere else in Europe is OK too.

My activities

I often check entries for songs I like, sometimes edit them, apply missing tags and add songs from rhythm games. This is my best place to check new releases by my favorite artists because I don't use SNSs much. I keep an eye on the German and Russian Vocaloid fandom. The German one is my main objective and it seems to evolve faster since Miku's 10th anniversary. The Russian one evolves much slower but it evolves.

To Do list

  • PRIORITY: update the Russian interface translation
  • use the Miku Flick/02 tag (would be glad if someone else did)
  • make Groove Coaster tags
  • add more of Heiden.BZR's songs
  • add the remaining songs of Vocalodama (same here)
  • add some Russian UTAUs (Kaido, Marina, etc.)

Pages I should not forget:
Statistics: https://vocadb.net/stats
Radio: https://vocadb.net/Search/radio

Languages I know

  • de Deutsch - German (Native)
  • ru русский - Russian (Native)
  • en English - English (Advanced)
  • ja 日本語 - Japanese (Intermediate)


Always in your heart, baby

My favorite tags

electropop, sad, rock, EDM, 日本語, karaoke available, 良調声, Project DIVA Future Tone

Some albums I like (64 total)

  • Preview


  • Preview

    初音ミク 5thバースデー ベスト〜memories〜

  • Preview

    A Peaceful Death

  • Preview


  • Preview

    Dreaming Colors

  • Preview


  • Preview

    Colate remix works

Some songs I like (398 total)

ポン酢P feat. 初音ミク
Cover 嘘つきは恋のはじまり
40mP feat. 洛天依 V4 日本語版 (Unknown)
Cover Solar System Disco
Rylitah feat. 氷山キヨテル V4 Natural, 氷山キヨテル V4 Rock, 水奈瀬コウ
Cover え?あぁ、そう。
蝶々P feat. 初音ミク
Cover Last Night, Good Night
kz feat. 初音ミク
Cover ワスレナグサ
オカメP feat. 初音ミク

Some artists I follow (26 total)

Thumb Zing Thumb 洛天依 V4 日本語版 (Unknown)
Luo Tianyi V4 Japanese (Unknown), ルォ・テンイ V4 日本語版 (Unknown)
Thumb 南方研究所
minakata laboratory
Thumb 千葉草_阑小逝
Thumb AVTechNO!
Thumb 初音ミク V3 (Dark)
Hatsune Miku V3 (Dark)

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