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About me

"queue turtle", not "kye-yoo turtle".

I'm Haleigh! I like dogs, space, cartoons, video games, and stuff. and vocal synths, obviously, or I wouldn't be here.

my favorite Vocaloids are GUMI, MAYU, and Avanna.
my favorite UTAUs are Yokune Ruko and Gahata Meiji.
my favorite producers are PowaPowa-P, EZFG, Crusher-P, and GHOST.

my icon was drawn by me.

...also, you can go check out my artist page below for other places I'm at, and my links on here for my links unrelated to my music/art stuff!

small note: I have most of my song lists sorted by prefixes (like an emoji or smth like "work list") so it's easy to have them all in one place.

stuff that needs to be done!

if you help out with these, please give me a heads up so I can update these lists accordingly.
* a big ol to-do list...
* songs that don't have pages on ULW/VLW
* songs that need to be subbed on Nicovideo
* PVs subbed by HnY that have been reuploaded (several have been reuploaded so it will take me a while to go through all of them and add them to their respective pages.)
* ....and subbed PVs that haven't been reuploaded yet

how my song lists are ordered!

  • "✨" - "fun" lists (like stuff to listen to), or misc. stuff
  • "Genre mix" - song mixes sorted by genre.
  • "Song mix" - song mixes sorted by theme.
  • "TL List" - lists of translations by specific translators.
  • "!" - stuff to work on.

handy stuff

Languages I know

  • en English - English (Native)
  • ja 日本語 - Japanese (Basics)

Verified owner

Thumb KyuTurtle (Music producer)
キュタートル, Haleigh Pleiad
Thumb Yakueg Pleiad (UTAU)

External links

siinamota fanblog
Vocaloid reprint channel

Twitter account




My favorite tags

sad, EDM, stylish, karaoke available, animated PV, good tuning, lyrics in PV, inner conflict

Some albums I like (80 total)

  • Preview


  • Preview


  • Preview


  • Preview


  • Preview


  • Preview

    Into Starlight

  • Preview

    Candle Queen

Some songs I like (1102 total)

Cover ミキミキ★ロマンティックナイト
samfree feat. SF-A2 開発コード miki
Cover Spider on the Wall
GHOST feat. IA English C (Powerful)
Cover Human ( a Android works )
Piracucu feat. 鏡音リン V4X (Sweet)
Cover dreaming insects
guriplus feat. 初音ミク
naga’ feat. 初音ミク
Cover SW
Starving Trancer feat. MAYU

Some artists I follow (17 total)

Thumb Eleanor Forte
ENG-F1, 愛蓮娜 芙緹, 爱莲娜 芙缇, エレノア フォルテ
Thumb コーホーP
KohoP, KoohooP
Thumb 歌幡メイジ
Gahata Meiji
Thumb ちな
China, とくちな, Tokucina, niniracheo, 彩音ちな, Ironechina
Thumb 欲音ルコ♀
Yokune Ruko ♀

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