The Voc@loid M@ster 18  Album release fair

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Name: The Voc@loid M@ster 18 (Vom@s 18, ボーマス 18, The Vocaloid Master 18, VoMas 18)

Date: 11/19/2011

Category: Album release fair


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Series: The Voc@loid M@ster

Vocaloid event where artists sell albums and other merchandise. Lately UTAU artists have participated as well.

Wikipedia (JP)

Albums (90 total)

Cover & (Original album)
イママP, Bit-z feat. various
Cover 04 (E.P.)
もとほせ feat. 初音ミク
Cover A life a remember (Original album)
MUKAIBI feat. 初音ミク
Cover ACTRESS (Original album)
涼介P feat. various
Cover ADAM EP (E.P.)
Cover alone e.p. (E.P.)
Mav. feat. 初音ミク
Cover AntiArted (Original album)
KTG feat. various
Cover Archaic Alchemy (Original album)
Orukana, Crosswhen feat. 初音ミク
Cover astrometry (Compilation)
Various artists
Cover Azurite (Original album)
柊P feat. 初音ミク, 巡音ルカ
Cover Blue in blue (Original album)
みうみう feat. 初音ミク
Cover C(She), A School Girl Plays Music (E.P.)
ストラ feat. 初音ミク, SF-A2 開発コード miki
Cover caerimonia (Original album)
Various artists
Cover CATALOG/ (Original album)
ELEGUMI TOKYO feat. various
Cover CDR (Original album)
Phasma feat. 初音ミク, 巡音ルカ
Cover CLOSE*2 (E.P.)
かごめP, PLANARIYA Recordings feat. 鏡音リン
Cover Darling☆ (Original album)
姉御P feat. 鏡音レン, 鏡音リン
Cover DENSHI ONGAKU (Original album)
(∵)キョトンP, 大丈夫P, dosankolab. feat. various
Cover drawing (Original album)
ヤスオP feat. GUMI, 初音ミク, 鏡音リン
Cover Dreaming Now! (Original album)
ベジミックス☆ビーツ, katsu, すみじゅんP feat. various
Cover emonloid3 (Original album)
emon feat. various
Cover escape from t.w. (Original album)
糞田舎P, ティロ・フィナーレ新百合ヶ丘 feat. 初音ミク
Cover fines EP (E.P.)
whoo, s10rw feat. various
Cover Flow (Original album)
oOらいかOo, deraika feat. various
Cover fluffy fluffy ~fuwaP cover arrange album~ (Original album)
Various artists
Cover FUZZY DECRESCENDO (Original album)
L-tone, luna, note feat. various
Cover Honey Rabbits (Original album)
わか, アストロノーツ feat. various
Cover HUMAN (Compilation)
Various artists
Cover Hybrid Rock AIdol -Hybrid Disc- (E.P.)
u-z feat. 初音ミク
Cover I FEEL YOU FEEL ME (Compilation)
Various artists
Cover Lies and truth 2nd (Video)
ブラザーP feat. 初音ミク
Cover Light Falls (Original album)
yuxuki waga, s10rw feat. 初音ミク
Cover LiNK ∞ INFINITE (Original album)
Hoso-Q, TRI-ReQ, hosplug feat. 初音ミク
Cover Lost&Found (Original album)
むーみ, ティロ・フィナーレ新百合ヶ丘 feat. GUMI
Cover MiNDZ (Original album)
ぼーかりおどP, Studio Ark Attack feat. 初音ミク
Cover Myosotis (Original album)
ワールドワイドP feat. various
Cover NM*reverse side (Original album)
猫虫P feat. 鏡音リン, 鏡音レン, 初音ミク
Cover Physicon? (Original album)
Various artists
Cover Primaのシンフォニックメタル (Single)
電子音響音楽応用解析研究所, にュウ feat. Prima
Cover Remasteredrug (E.P.)
kokoL0 Equalizing feat. 初音ミク
Cover Resonance (Original album)
無力P, Powerless Decision feat. 巡音ルカ
Cover Season's+ (Original album)
キッドP feat. 鏡音レン, KAITO
Cover SnowLandscape (Compilation)
Various artists
Cover Stagnation (Original album)
amyu feat. various
Cover Starry World (Original album)
すけっちP feat. 初音ミク, KAITO, 巡音ルカ
Cover sugirl*music (Original album)
Various artists
Cover TIME (Original album)
律, 北森劇場 feat. 巡音ルカ
Cover Tokyo Neo Classical (E.P.)
ざうに feat. 初音ミク, 猫村いろは
Cover Too much Love (Original album)
MineK feat. various
Cover Two Dimensional (Original album)
虹原ぺぺろん, 陰謀派スライダー feat. various
Cover UTAU_ONICO VOL.02 (Original album)
Various artists
Cover Various Musics (Compilation)
Various artists
Cover Vocal Collection (Original album)
PSGO-Z feat. 初音ミク, 初音ミク Append (unknown)
Cover VOCANOISE PARTY!! (Compilation)
Various artists
Cover WhiteMoon BlackMoon (Original album)
銀河方面P feat. GUMI, 初音ミク
Cover who are you? (Original album)
カラスヤサボウ, 海月屋茶房 feat. various
Cover あっしゅ\(^o^)/ (Original album)
オワタP feat. various
Cover かくれんぼの路地裏で (Original album)
海月屋茶房, くらげP feat. 初音ミク, SF-A2 開発コード miki
Cover かなしみミミック (E.P.)
しろくじ feat. GUMI
Cover きみが見つめる空の先に (Original album)
IOSYS, minami feat. 初音ミク
Cover さよならサリンジャー (Original album)
Various artists
Cover セピアレコード(Remodel) (Original album)
ぽわぽわP feat. various
Cover ドラマチックメモリー (Original album)
デスおはぎ feat. various
Cover ハートマークの特殊解 (Original album)
風筒P, かぜのねれこーど feat. various
Cover バイバイ、ブラックワールド (Original album)
millstones, ScriptedCity Revised. feat. various
Cover フローリアの箱庭 (Original album)
ナナミP feat. 鏡音リン, 鏡音レン, 巡音ルカ
Cover またお前か (E.P.)
ぼいじゃあ feat. 初音ミク, 鏡音レン
Cover メイドの星の物語。 (Original album)
かたほとりP feat. various
Cover メグッポイド MINI ALBUM (Original album)
よっしー feat. various
Cover ララの図書館 (E.P.)
YonoP feat. various
Cover レイト (Original album)
ベース缶P feat. various
Cover 人造人間ポチ (Compilation)
Various artists
Cover 六畳一間のダンスホール (Original album)
IOSYS, uno feat. 初音ミク
Cover 初恋ノート (Original album)
ゴム, チョリスP, HoneyWorks feat. various
Cover 初音ミク TEAR (E.P.)
AVTechNO! feat. 初音ミク
Cover 夏の光に囚われて、少女が笑う (Original album)
うみぬこP feat. 初音ミク, 巡音ルカ
Cover 夜の散歩 (Original album)
キャプテンミライ, バイバイレコード feat. various
Cover 夢モノローグ (Original album)
kous, +音 feat. various
Cover 大嫌い (Single)
otetsu feat. 巡音ルカ, GUMI
Cover 孤独のおとぎ姫 (Original album)
ヤヅキ feat. 巡音ルカ, GUMI
Cover 心ノ音 (Original album)
Aoi.exe feat. 初音ミク
Cover 旅の途中e.p. (E.P.)
オセロP feat. 初音ミク
Cover 朝焼けに染まる君に (Original album)
Various artists
Cover 浪漫倶楽部 (Original album)
柊P feat. 巡音ルカ, 初音ミク
Cover 猫まんま (Original album)
アキバヲタP feat. 猫村いろは
Cover 降る都市 (Original album)
natsumeg feat. 初音ミク
Cover 音の箱の中 (Original album)
ananii feat. 初音ミク
Cover 音の箱の中 (music box ver.) (Original album)
Cover 食べて寝る (Original album)
ラムネ feat. 初音ミク
Cover 黒と白 (E.P.)
そーいち☆ feat. 鏡音レン, 鏡音リン


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