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Cover Change Mind EP (E.P.)
Mwk feat. 初音ミク, 初音ミク V3 (Unknown)
Cover Clearness (Original album)
Mwk feat. 初音ミク, 初音ミク V3 (Dark)
Cover Color of Synergy (E.P.)
Mwk feat. 初音ミク
Cover Connected (Single)
Mwk feat. 初音ミク
Cover Days (Original album)
Mwk feat. 初音ミク
Cover Duality (Single)
Mwk feat. 初音ミク
Cover Frost Flower (Single)
Mwk feat. 初音ミク
Cover Redefinition EP (E.P.)
Mwk feat. 初音ミク
Cover Regret (Original album)
Mwk, Wakuwaku Miwaku feat. 初音ミク, 初音ミク V3 (Unknown)
Cover Snow Crystal (Single)
Mwk feat. 初音ミク
Cover Summerlong EP (Original album)
Mwk, 黒田じゅん feat. 初音ミク
Cover Turn Red EP (E.P.)
Mwk, Jun Kuroda feat. various
Cover Virtual Emotion (E.P.)
Mwk, Wakuwaku Miwaku feat. 初音ミク
Cover Wakuwaku Break Vol.1 (Single)
Mwk, Wakuwaku Miwaku feat. 巡音ルカ

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kz, livetune feat. various
Cover ephemera (Original album)
りゅーりゅー feat. 初音ミク
Cover Futuring Girl (Original album)
shiel, ちょむ feat. 初音ミク
Cover Physics (Original album)
りゅーりゅー feat. 初音ミク, 初音ミク V4X (Unknown)
Cover Prhythmatic Futurebass (Original album)
Various artists
Cover Prhythmatic House (Original album)
Various artists
Cover Re:MIKUS (Original album)
kz, livetune feat. 初音ミク
Cover Re:package (Original album)
kz, かじゅきP, livetune feat. 初音ミク
Cover Re:Upload (Original album)
kz, livetune feat. 初音ミク
Cover ミライトアルマチ雪花 (Original album)
keisei feat. 初音ミク
Cover 初音ミク 5thバースデー ベスト〜memories〜 (Compilation)
Various artists
Cover 初音ミク -Project DIVA- extend Complete Collection (Compilation)
Various artists

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Cover Back to You (Single)
PlantyP feat. 巡音ルカ
Cover Back to You -EP- (E.P.)
PlantyP feat. 巡音ルカ, Hatsune Miku V3 (English)
Cover catstar (E.P.)
catstar feat. 初音ミク
Cover Code:Adam (KarenT) (Original album)
大福P feat. Leon
Cover deviate (Original album)
Cover Diamond Drop (Single)
PlantyP feat. MEIKO V3 Straight, MEIKO V3 Power
Cover Dissolve Miku Slowly In Waveform (Original album)
Go-qualia, Bunkai-Kei records feat. 初音ミク
Cover Fairyrings (Original album)
PlantyP feat. various
Cover Frozen Government Wars Vol.02 (Split album)
Freezer, Serji, Frozen System Records feat. 初音ミク
Cover Love Ranking (Single)
블랙콜 feat. SeeU
Cover P.S.L. -Prismatic School Life- (Not specified)
Akira Sagami, Prismatica Material Records feat. 初音ミク
Cover Roll Me (Single)
VocaPeach feat. Hatsune Miku V3 (English)
Cover Sunrise (Single)
Clean Tears, S.C.X feat. 初音ミク
Cover Thrower (Original album)
JOYH-TV feat. V3 GUMI (Sweet), V3 GUMI (Whisper)
Cover zer0 (E.P.)
Chasing Fireflies feat. various
Cover Zero [PeachFuzzMixx] (Single)
VocaPeach feat. Silke O'Hara
Cover プリキュアになれなかった人のために (Original album)
ぷにまる feat. various
Cover 偶像無線 (Single)
大福P feat. KAITO
Cover 感谢 (Original album)
Various artists
Cover 金曜日締め切りコンピ (Compilation)
Various artists