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I have been a Vocaloid fan since 2007. I was only aware of Hatsune Miku's existence on flip note hatena. A service that provided users to draw mini flips and post them online. It closed way back 2013. The very first song that I came to love in the Vocaloid community was and still is World is mine. I grew very close to the Vocaloid community and immediately fell in love with it! My passion for Vocaloid grew stronger over the years. After this I did extensive amounts of research on the Vocaloid software. Then later on I came to a realization that Hatsune Miku was not the very first Vocaloid! I then kept searching for more Vocaloid songs to listen to, And discovered many different artists and many more Vocaloids. I stumbled upon utauloids too. Later on in 20012 I realized there was a Database dedicated to the Vocaloid community but I did not pay much attention to it. Till after I wanted to discover more Vocaloid songs many of which were not on YouTube. There were many misconceptions on YouTube. There is a lot of misinformed discriptions and discredited artists. It only made it harder to discover new artists. As a Vocaloid fan I wanted to understand more about the community. I wanted to be an informed fan and for that I went on the Vocaloid database to discover what more was out there! My curiousity grew over me. I was very upset to find that many of these videos were taken down. After many years went by I found them again through the Vocaloid database. At times I was not up to date on Vocaloid news. I also want to keep record of all the songs that I download. I also did this in a way to preserve songs because many were being deleted off of YouTube, So I went on a download spree to save ( Sorta say? ) songs that might be at risk of deletion. I took it to my interest to also recover what has been lost from the Vocaloid community which I did not have the will to do so. I have discovered so much here and continue to enjoy discovering new content in the Vocaloid community! I am very glad that I discovered this website. So far I like all the vocaloids I don't compare one to the other because they all have their distinct style and way of showing it. It is hard to only choose one. The very first Vocaloid I came to know and love is Hatsune Miku. After that came the rest of the crew Rin Len Kaito Meiko and Luka. And then came the utauloids at first I thought they were bootleg Vocaloids!. Oops. Till then I realized they were categorized as other voice banks. I would like to make my very own utauloid I just don't know how.

Languages I know

  • es español - Spanish (Native)
  • en English - English (Advanced)
  • ja 日本語 - Japanese (Intermediate)

My favorite tags

ballad, electropop, first work, rock, 日本語, electronica, karaoke available, original media unavailable

Some songs I like (8746 total)

Cover リゲル
ゴンノスケ feat. 初音ミク
Cover ♠ Ma Rancoeur ♠
Kaяma feat. Mélanie Kusarune ORIGINS
Cover ナイトライトロード
からす feat. GUMI
Cover love with you
anru feat. 初音ミク
Cover 向日葵色のソレイユ
オカメP feat. 初音ミク
Cover 向日葵
38 gousiki feat. 波音リツ

Some artists I follow (1557 total)

Thumb 雛乃木まや
Hinanogi Maya
Thumb Hiroki Asano
Thumb 플루토
Thumb 澄音あや
Sumine Aya, すみねあや
Thumb Megpoid Talk
メグッポイド トーク, Gumi Talk
Thumb たこ • 黒金
Tako Kurogane

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