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About me

Hello, pleased to meet you! I am a Norwegian vocaloid fan. I primarily listen to Miku and Luka, and sometimes Gumi, Len, and IA. My favorite genres are post-rock and shoegaze, due to the distorted sounds of the instruments and vocals and I think the synthesized nature of vocaloid mix with these genres very well. I love Miku append and my favorite appends are Soft and Dark.
My favorite producer at a moment is Lemo. I am a big fan of his current work and re-masters, but I also think it's very interesting how his style has evolved throughout the years. His current style falls very much within my preferred genre, but he has proved himself plenty capable of falling into other genres judging by his older works. Sadly one has to rely on reprints in order to listen to them and some are outright missing.
Some other producers I like include 36g, Wintermute, mav/currynoodle and lumo.
The first vocaloid song I heard was "Hatsune Miku no Gekishou" by cosMo, and the first append song I heard was "Babel" by ATOLS.
My favorite "popular" tracks are "Electro Saturator" by tilt-six, "LOL -lots of laugh-" by mikumix, and "Skeleton Orchestra and Lilia" by tohma.
I prefer digital releases over physical ones so I can transfer them easily to my phone, but like the thought of having physical albums too.

Outside of Vocaloid, I like going to cafés and drinking coffee. I used to love iced coffee more than anything, but I have recently gotten to like latte a bit more and especially hazelnut or vanilla latte. I like playing games, spesifically RPG and rhyhtm games, and of course I play Project DIVA!

Languages I know

  • no norsk - Norwegian (Native)
  • en English - English (Advanced)
  • fr français - French (Basics)
  • ja 日本語 - Japanese (Basics)



My favorite tags

alternative rock, electropop, shoegaze, rock, 日本語, post-rock, karaoke available, Project DIVA Future Tone

Some albums I like (24 total)

  • Preview


  • Preview


  • Preview


  • Preview


  • Preview

    Stray Light

  • Preview

    mikgazer vol.1

  • Preview


Some songs I like (58 total)

Cover Another Rainy Day
lemo feat. 初音ミク Append (Unknown)
Cover pink apple
lemo feat. 初音ミク
Cover mint sky
lemo feat. 初音ミク
Cover mint sky
lemo feat. 初音ミク
Cover do*r
lemo feat. 初音ミク
Cover 心裂く激情よ、黒く果てる歯車よ。
lemo feat. 初音ミク

Some artists I follow (7 total)

Thumb ケイトウ
Thumb 宮沢もよよ
Miyazawa Moyoyo
Thumb Mav.
Thumb lemo
れも, lemo mis, Kaz Kny, 五字熟語P, GojijukugoP, lavis, 月下ぬぅ, Tsukishita Nuu
Thumb 36g
風呂埋葬P, Furo MaisouP
Thumb 西島ソーンダイク
Nishijima Thorndike, 西島尊大, Nishijima Sondai

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